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The Appearance of Sin: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Appearance plays a crucial role in the first impressions we make. Society has conditioned us into believing that one’s appearance can tell us about a person; their intelligence, their personality, or their moral character. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, the characters of Oscar Wilde’s novel subscribe to a belief that the appearance of a person not only told of their status and class but also about their moral character. The idea was that the sins of the world etched themselves into the lines of someone’s face. Appearance, in this world, is therefore directly connected to and a result of sin. In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, the character of Dorian, due to his beauty and youth, is in possession of almost an alibi from immorality. This existence of an alibi causes Dorian to lose the ability for true connection and affects nearly every aspect of his life. Continue reading “The Appearance of Sin: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde”


Better late than​ never: A review of Anne of Green Gables

So it’s been awhile since I posted a book review if you haven’t noticed. Haha sorry about that. And I’ll be honest this isn’t exactly what you are all expecting, but I did write a review, simply for my other blog site, but I thought I’d let you all know and I hope you check it out. Scope for the Imagination: A Review of Anne of Green Gables

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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 11

<= Chapter 10                                      Chapter 12 Coming Soon =>

Life was complicated, it was messy and chaotic, it hurt, it was painfully, and it definitely never allowed itself to follow a plan. Somehow though Olivia felt she had stumbled a little further off the beaten path then she was meant to. Their was no denying she felt…something—what she was not yet brave enough to discover—for M.A.L.C.O.L.M. She definitely couldn’t deny she found the robot attractive, her brain was screaming at her about how wrong that was, how twisted it should be, but her heart, her heart told her brain to shut up and ignore logic. It was very confusing to have your brain screaming at your heart and your heart yelling at your brain. Olivia had never been so conflicted in her life. 

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The Shape of Death: Paradise Lost by Milton

At its most basic level Paradise Lost by John Milton is a poem concerned with the ideals of representation. Paradise Lost is a novel endeavoring to explain the works of God to man and is consistently concerned with the issue of representing the spiritual world in mortal words. One of the great scenes of Paradise Lost, the moment where the reader knows hope is dismal is when Adam says, quite innocently “whate’er death is” (l.4.425). How hollow and unsubstantial this notion of death is, because to Adam it is merely a string of words given a dark connotation by their context as a threat. This epic poem questions and deals with the idea of representation and its ability to accurately and effectively express that which is unknown. In book eleven of Milton’s poem, as Michael attempts to represent all the many aspects of death, we are given an instance where not spiritual matters but mortal matters of pain and death are coming to be known to one who was once immortal and pure. In book eleven Milton seems to be exploring the failures of visual and verbal representation on their own and expresses the necessity of the two being used in tandem for something akin to an understanding of the unknown to be clarified.  Continue reading “The Shape of Death: Paradise Lost by Milton”

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The Affection Unit: Curiosity

<==Part 2

Odette’s curiosity was trying to murder her, it brazenly distracted her in the middle of making dinner, so she almost didn’t notice when a towel she had left a little to close to the pan caught fire. It beckoned noisy at all hours of the night, as she got ready for bed, as she slipped under the covers, as her bloodshot eyes stared at the ceiling. She could hear his deep voice, nonchalant and unconcerned, We all make mistakes.

We all make mistakes…We all…mistakes.

What the hell had Flint messed up on?

She rolled over groggily in bed, her sheets tangled around her limbs. She just couldn’t imagine the bastard messing up, and the mere thought of it was gnawing at her. She had to know. The thought was just too delicious.  Continue reading “The Affection Unit: Curiosity”

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The Flying Gang

O’Shay is a massively talented writer, and I absolutely adore her story about Blackbeard, the imagery just sucks you in and the details about pirates and the time she is able to work into such a short story are amazing. Beautiful piece of fiction! Please check it out!

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The infamous captain Edward Thatch, more commonly known by his illustrative pseudonym ‘Blackbeard’, stood on the rolling deck of the Mary Celeste in the proud stance of one who clearly knew he was being regarded with complete and utter awe, not to mention fear. It was difficult not to stare, for he stood there like a dark phantasm wreathed in mantles of arcane smoke.  Fuses were tied in his abundant black beard, sending up grey clouds and shrouding his face until all that could be seen of his features were two fierce eyes glittering beneath his hat.  Those eyes were terrible to behold.  One might call them devilish, or unholy, or even diabolical, for they glowed with such light I felt shivers run down my back and strange tinglings at the base of my skull, as if I were staring at an apparition which should not have…

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Corrupted Love: Beloved by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison crafts a story ripe with the horrors of slavery, wrapped in a veil of beautiful and lyrical language. In Beloved the scene of Sethe’s attempt to protect her children from slavery through death is a powerful, horrifying and terribly beautiful image of a mothers love and devotion to her children when corrupted by the realities of slavery. For Sethe’s love is without a doubt real and true though twisted by the reality of her life. Continue reading “Corrupted Love: Beloved by Toni Morrison”

Q & A with AJ and Danielle

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided to start another blog with a good friend of mine. The topics and content are incredibly similar but you will get to have the fabulous contrast of Danielle’s voice and style. Also, she is a way better photographer so the pictures will be much nicer! Posts will be Fridays at a 11:00 am with Danielle and I taking turns.

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Hello, everyone, it’s a beautiful day here on the sunny internet. I am here with Danielle and we thought we tell you a little about ourselves. So, Danielle when did you first realize you liked writing?

Hello, everyone, it’s a beautiful day here on the sunny internet. I am here with Danielle and we thought we tell you a little about ourselves. So, Danielle when did you first realize you liked writing?

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