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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 2

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Olivia was an odd contradiction of practical and quirky.

Her apartment was in walking distance on a good day, and biking distance on a bad day, to Donovan Towers. Instead of renting the sleek, modern, efficient apartment, she had gotten the warm, vintage one, with the heater that glitched out every winter.

Her outfits always suited the occasion, comfy causal for home, professional for work, etc., but her shoes, her shoes were anything but practical. Ranging from on the border of being prostitute heels to worn in sneakers. Olivia had a weakness for shoes, and though she would never admit it, thought she had quite nice feet, small and narrow, with dainty toes. She liked showing them off in her unconventional shoes.

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A sassy lady and her brooding laird: The Secret by Julie Garwood

Judith (Elizabeth) Hampton had made a promise to her dear Scottish friend, at the time of her child’s birth she would be at Francis Catherine’s side. Nothing would keep her from offering her support, not brooding lairds, and uncooperative councils, nor cruel uncles, especially not the biased hatred that existed between the English and Scottish. Her friend was her prominent reason, but another secret, private matter also motivated Judith, to go to the Highlands and learn about, and meet her father the Laird Maclean. However, she was unprepared for the sight of Laird Iain, the man who would escort her to Francis Catherine. He was powerful and compelling, and she couldn’t help but be intrigued. As Judith and Iain grow closer in trust and affection, surely nothing could separate them? Not even the truth about her father, a devastating, powerful secret. The Secret by Julie Garwood was a sizzling romance that drew me in head first, garnering laughter and a great deal of smiles.

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Those you never think of…

That boy at school who is energetic and strong, whose brought the school to victory through sports many times, the boy who fiercely protects the fragile book-loving girl, the two seem at odds, but have the closest of friendships. He is a werewolf and he considers her his mate. She considers him nothing more than a dear friend. He holds out hope.

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Sir Gawain Exemplifying the Code of Chivalry

Being a knight was not easy, you had to be apt at swordplay, to have strength and be able to face the violence of the medieval ages. To complicate matters, the more aggressive side of their lives were supposed to be tempered by a rule of conduct, known as the Code of Chivalry. The Code of Chivalry was a moral system, a standard all men of Knighthood strived and struggled to live by. It was a set of idealized qualities such as bravery, courage, loyalty, and honor in your conduct towards women. There were many rules that needed to be followed, and qualities these men needed to exemplify in order to be considered a true knight. Some things expected of them were to serve their Lord God in fear and faith, to honor and obey their liege lord, to be kind and courteous, to guard honor and truth, to be gallant to women, to never flee a foe.

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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 1

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Three Years Later

Olivia Moore rapped sharply on the lab door three times. When there was no immediate answer, she entered anyway, eyes averted just in case. She never wanted a repeat of the debacle simply known as ‘the moment that which must not be named.’ Ms. Lockwood was an eccentric woman, and Olivia responded accordingly, it had only taken her two and a half years to adjust to Donovan Industries and her peculiar co-worker.

“Ms. Lockwood, Mr. Mayhew asked  me to get you to sign these as a favor?”

“You know you can call me Addison,” she said not looking up from her phone.

“I know, Ms. Lockwood. You’ve told me every day…for three years.”

“Then I am not sure why you continue to insist on calling me Ms. Lockwood.”

“It’s a quirk, ma’am,”

Addison sighed, but gave no other response, eyes reflecting the bright light of her phone. Body sprawled across the hood of a 1978 Bronco, legs dangling down, swinging back and forth, toes nowhere near the ground. Today her hair was an icy violet, and her torso was clad in a faded Led Zeppelin shirt. Her lips were stained a similar violet shade, and various earrings bristled from her left ear, a think chain connecting her lowest earring to her highest. Her right ear sported a simple diamond stud.

Shoving the stack of documents in Addison’s face, she raised an eyebrow. She grumbled and gave Olivia a disapproving look, but shoved her phone into her pocket.

“What is it?” she asked glancing over it, leaning back on the hood, tugging on her lip ring as she skimmed.

“Recent reports on the Sunbeams functionality and efficiency,” she replied, giving a small wave to a security camera behind her.

“So, he’s not having me sign my kidney over?” she asked humorously, flipping through a few pages, reading them over in a glance.

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A deliciously vicious tale: A review of Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Superpowers don’t make you a superhero

Victor Vale is your average college student, brilliant, arrogant, lonely, and just the tiniest bit sociopathic. When Eli moves in to be his new roommate, he recognizes something dark hidden behind that perfect exterior. The twos ambition is a match for each other, and they become unlikely friends. Then their senior thesis: Victor studies adrenaline, and Eli near death experiences. When they work together they discover something extraordinary, under the right circumstance these two things combined can develop extraordinary abilities in someone. Not one to merely keep things academic, Victor pushes to take this to the experimental, things go as horribly wrong as can be expected.

It’s ten year later, and Victor has just escaped prison, mind consumed by revenge, determined to “catch up” with his old friend, with the help of Mitchell, a massive tattooed convict whose size hides his extreme intelligence, and a young girl, whose quiet unassuming ways hide a remarkable ability. Meanwhile, Eli is on a mission of his own, to eradicate every other super-powered person he can find. Leaving death and destruction in his wake, his hands red with the blood of the extraordinary, except for his sidekick, an enigmatic woman, with a will no one can match. Both men wield terrible power on their side, driven by long ago memories of pain, betrayal, and loss, revenge is the only answer either can see, but who will survive the night? Vicious by V.E. Schwab is a delightfully dark, and entertaining read, that deals with broken people with extraordinary powers.

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A comic a day (7): Batman Hush

Batman is under attack by an unknown assailant. He is powerful, and manipulative, and he his using the Joker, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and other villains, to help take out Batman. He has even turned some of Batman’s allies against him. Can Batman discover this villains identity in time, or will he be overwhelmed by the odds he faces?


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A comic a day (6): The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Okay two words: HULK SMASH. Constantly. Hulk literally starts out ripping himself free of a spaceship after are ever lovely heroes kicking him off the planet, planning to send him to a “deserted” planet where he can live in “Peace.” Yeah well Hulk doesn’t really get that, but thats okay, because instead he tears his way through an alien planet at war, fighting monster as a gladiator!


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A comic a day (5): The Vision: Little Worse Than a Man

The Vision; the creation of the genocidal robot, Ultron, a hero of the world, and machine with incredible power, and he wants to be human. And what could possibly more human than having a family? The white picket fence the 2 children the loving wife. So he returns to where his creator made him, to the place where he refused to merely follow his programming, where he believed he could be more, could be man, and sets to work building his own family. They look like him, the share his code, his powers, his ambition (or obsession): the need, the overwhelming desire to be more then circuits and code, to be what every human is gifted with, underwhelmingly ordinary. They’re the nice new family down the street, with the ability to wipe out the whole block, of course they are going to receive a wide welcome…or maybe not? The Vision’s will not escape unscathed.


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