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Hagian Spices

Green lanterns glowed where they hung from the ceiling, illuminating the room in a faded light. Patrons laughed loudly, in the small restaurant, enjoying good food and the company of others. Seated comfortably around one round table was a woman, her legs were sprawled out before her clad in a pair of comfortable black breeches. Her feet were crossed at the ankles, the thick boots protecting them reflected the dim light. Tears streamed down her face, her baby blue eyes screwed closed in pain, as she chewed a large bite of food.

“It hurts so much!” she cried, tears continuously leaking from her eyes, as she shoveled more food into her mouth. Her taste buds burning from the thick Hagian spices.

“Then why do you continue eating it?” Her first officer questioned, one broad brow raising dramatically in question, his attempt to emulate human emotion poor, the rest of his face set in stone. Literal stone, the Rictan people of Kituk, were a gaseous form of species that manipulated stone, morphing and controlling it to resemble that of the humanoids to better form relations.

“Because it’s so good,” she said, licking her full pink lips, determined to get every last possible bite. “I could die happy, eating this.”

“An odd phrase, Captain,”

“Captain, Ruk” Baird muttered in greeting, plopping down beside them, struggling for a moment to get his long legs under the low table. Ruk nodded in greeting.

Jordan didn’t waste time on formalities. “Want a bite?” Tears continued to stream down her face, and her cheeks had a decidedly rosie hue to them.

He did a double take at the sight before him, and his eyebrows drew together in concern. “Are you alright, Jordan?”

“Never better, Baird. This food is amazing.” She sniffled, her nose starting to run. “Take a bite.”

“The Captain’s food is well seasoned.” Ruk, said as way of warning.

Shrugging, Baird grabbed his own spoon and scooped up a large mouthful of Jordan’s exotic food.

A smirk spread across Jordan’s face as she watched him hesitate for a moment, “Scared?”

“I’ve heard of Hagian spice and well, I do enjoy my taste buds functioning.”

“If you try it, Ruk will try it.”

“That would definitely be worth the loss of some taste buds.”

“I don’t believe I will be trying it, Captain,” Ruk said firmly, gaze unwavering.

“Oh, you are no fun.”

Her attention was quickly drawn back to Baird and she bit her lip in anticipation, watching him expectantly.

He found himself captivated for a moment, by the way her teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her lip, but quickly shook his head, and plopped the spoon in his mouth. Heat crawled up his neck, his skin turning tomato red, “It feels like a thousand fire ants are doing the tango on my tongue.”

Jordan laughed out loud, slapping him on the back, “and yet you find you want more.”

“Definitely,” he drawled, his lip turning up into a half smile, as he watched her animatedly turn back to her food and scoop a huge mouthful ready to stuff in his face. “Don’t kill me, Jordan. You might miss me when I am gone.”

“Undoubtably,” she said with a shrug, grinning at him.




What can I truly say about myself, I love to write, I love to read, it's what keeps me going, it's what feeds my soul, and inspires me. Writing is something I have always loved, and I plan on doing it till my fingers fall off. I am a Trekkie, and a Whovian. Tolkien is my master of Fantasy, I love the Supernatural family, Asimov my lord of Sci-Fi, Wilde the commander of wit. One Punch Man sets me off into hysterical giggles and Marvel stands at the top, with all my heroes present. "I super believe in you, Tad Cooper" -Galavant

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