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“Resistance is Futile”

How do you act around people who don’t like Star Trek? My advice, follow the prime directive and don’t interact with underdeveloped species. Star Trek is one of the greatest shows to ever be created, and I am not just saying that because I am a Trekkie. Ask anyone with decent taste. There are so many reasons this show is insanely good, a few of the factors that make it such are it’s extensive material, deep plots, and characters. The only way you could ever fully understand my great love is if we mind melded. tumblr_inline_mmi7wj9JQr1qz4rgpIf you don’t already love Star Trek, then this post is meant to give you the kick in the rear to go watch it.

In Star trek there is enough material to last a life time, with 703 episodes and 13 movies, it would take 546 hours to watch them all, that’s 23 days straight. So I’ll bring the snacks and you grab the catheters. If that’s not enough, there are hundreds of books. Who needs fanfiction when you have that much canon? Sick of hiatus, Star Trek is for you. I am a huge Star Trek fan and I’ll be honest with you I haven’t finished all the episodes…yet. The Original Series and Next Generation conquered, Deep Space Nine and Voyager very nearly defeated, and Enterprise…well, we haven’t met yet.

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