Incessant babbling on books

I love reading and I adore sharing books I love with people! Even more importantly I love discussing and talking about books. So I will share some of thoughts that struck me while reading, as well as a Parental rating and overall rating. Feel free to chip in with your opinion or any questions on certain books.

For the parental rating I will mention a general age group i feel it is appropriate for, and I should mention in general i tend to fall under the more consrervitive, if anything happens that I consider explicit or mature it will be rated 18 and up. I will also usually note what it was that caused me to give that rating.

In terms of overall rating I go out of a five star system.

1: Not worth the effort it took to complete it

2: I thad a glimer of potential but feel flat in nearly almost every way

3: I like it will enough but it didn’t particular capture me, it lacked a certain spark that makes fiction great to me

4: I loved it, it was well written, and well done. The characters were likable, because I am all about characters, and the plot was coherent.

5: God’s gift to man in literary format. Everything about it is gorgeous, basically, written gold.


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