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Historical, Epic and Comedic Time Compete: A Review of Henry IV Part 1

A man takes the throne through force, and finds himself faced with rebellion and dissent. His son is off getting drunk and playing pranks, not the most inspiring of offspring. What is a King to do? Recruit his disreputabel son of course to defeat the hero of England whose turned against him. Full of political intiruge, drunken jokes, and epic battles. Henry IV Part 1 is a conflicting mixture of confusion and hilarity. We have three differing locations and time set ups, that of comedic time, hitorical time, and epic time, and they all work and combat each other to craft a surprisingly entertaining if not utterly baffeling tale.

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Uninvested but amused: A review of The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Anidora-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree didn’t open her eyes for the first three days fo her life, not until her aunt whispered stories to her. Stories of tasting words on tongues and understanding things that many chose not to listen too. Raised on fantastic stories and taught to understand the language fo the birds Ani, is an outcast within her home, misunderstood and terrified by the responsibilities on her shoulders. However, when the threat of Bayern, the neighboring kingdom, grows Ani must accept her duty and face the unknown. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale is an original tale of magic and words, about a young girl growing to understand herself and her abilities and rising up to face those who wish her ill.

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A most convoluted love triangle: A review of A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

She’s found the love of her life.

Unfortunately, he loves her sister.

It’s 1916 and war brews on the horizon, a dark thought in the back of all the minds of the citizens of America, but the O’Connor’s refused to allow fear of the future to hold them back. Faith O’Connor finds herself drawn to a man entirely wrong for her, Colin McGuire, a rogue, who is forbidden by her family and shares none of her morals, who is also secretly dating her sister. All the beginnings of a doomed relationship. However, when Colin’s affections shift, it threatens to break apart the peace and comfort of the O’Connor family. When the draft is enacted many of the O’Connor’s loved ones are shipped overseas, and they return to Ireland, longing for the return of men who are fighting for their country. A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman, is a delightfully expansive tale that deals with the realities of family, passion, genuine love, morals, and religion.

I don’t know if I have mentioned to you guys that I have been on a serious kick for a little ooey gooey romance, and I have been gobbling these novels up recently. Probably to make up for the months of not reading and then devouring a bunch of classic tales and writing one too many literary analysis, that or I am trying to caramelize my brain with all the sugary sweetness. However, this tale, while a romance was not just sugary sweetness, in fact, it was quite a bit more, frustrating to say the least, and powerful.

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A feisty lady and a sexy laird: A review of The Bride by Julie Garwood


By edict of the king, Alec Kincaid, a powerful Scottish laird, must take an English bride for his own. Neither he, nor Jamie, the wife of his choosing, a feisty beautiful woman, were particularly pleased with the command, but both live up to their duties. Alec finds Jamie’s beauty to be entrapping and distracting, he longs to posses and tame her, vowing to make her his. Jamie, however, vows to never succumbed to the highland barbarians arrogant brooding nature and tantalizing touch. She resists him whole heartedly, but he’s more than he first appeared, and she finds her heart thawing inch by inch. Soon it’s not only her heart in danger as strange accidents occur and rumors about Alec murdering his first wife flare up. The Bride by Julie Garwood, is a delightful romance, that tugged the heart strings and made me smile.

Everything I heard about this book spoke highly of it, all to its praise, reviews were practically singing of it, and if I am honest I was a bit…disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the book, in fact I could hardly put it down, it was simply my expectations for it were quite high, probably due to the unrelenting singing, so the reality fell a little flat. If I had heard nothing of the book I may have enjoyed it more.

So as you read ahead realize for anything negative I say, I did in fact enjoy the book. (Slight spoilers ahead in reference to general things about the story and minor plot points.)

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The prat who gets a heart: A review of The Year of the Hangman by Gary L. Blackwood

In 1776, the American revolution was crushed, the British still control the colonies, and the year is now 1777, the Year of the Hangman. The revolutionists have gone into hiding. George Washington, their general, is set for the noose, and Benjamin Franklin’s newspaper Liberty Tree is banned as revolutionary propaganda. Creighton Brown is a fifteen year old British citizen who finds himself in the colonies despite his wishes, and is quickly caught up in the politics and wills of others. The Year of the Hangman by Gary L. Blackwood, is a great example of alternate history with powerful character development.

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An emotional punch to the gut: A review of Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.” With these words Celeste Ng begins a book designed to punch you in the gut emotionally, and leave you gasping, as you read the tale of a Chinese-American family struggling to fit in and live in a small Ohio town in the 70’s.  Lydia is the favorite daughter of this five person family, and is buried under the weight of her parents expectations. When she is found dead in the lake, the precarious balance that held this fragile family together crumbles, and long forgotten secrets and failings come to light. The family struggles to cope with the loss and discover what truly happened that night on the lake. Everything I Never Told You is a profoundly moving story about expectations and life.

I was super conflicted by this book.

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