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Optimisim Leads to Greatness: A Review of Twelfth Night

Viola washes up on shore, and decided the clear course of action is to disguise herself as a man and join the court of the eligible bachelor Duke Orsino, who has set his heart on the grief-striken Olivia, who basically hates Orsino. But that’s fine cause she has a thing for Cesario th handosme page Orsino sent to woo her in his steady, only Cesario is Viola, and she kind has a thing for Orsino. So I am sure no confusion or mistakes will take place. A plot basically built for humor, Twelfth Night is full of delightful scenes paired with supringly dark realities and musings. Which of course endears it too me greatly.

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The madness of grief: A Review of Hamlet

A father murdered, a mother married to an uncle, a ghost calling for a revenge, who wouldn’t lose it a bit? Hamlet is William Shakspeare’s incredibly famous tragedy, and it lives up to it’s name full of murder and ghosts, and soliloquies a lot of soliloquies.


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Love and Reason may keep little company but Humor is their closest companion: A Review of A Midsummer’s Night Dream

The girls choices: death, a loveless marriage, or a nunnery, so Hermia of course choses the most sensible option run off into the forest with your totally hot boyfriend. Before she leaves however she tells her good friend, Helena, who is in love with the man Hermia is supposed to marry, of her plans. So Helena hoping to win the heart of Demetrius who is in love with Hermia, tells him his lady crush has run off into the forest with her man crush. I mean if I want a man to love me I’ll try to help him stop his love from escaping with hers. Did you follow all of that? Obviously Shakespeare can set up a plot thats only choice is to result in hilarious endeavors and thats before he introduces the fairies and the flower that makes you fall in love with the first thing you see. Continue reading “Love and Reason may keep little company but Humor is their closest companion: A Review of A Midsummer’s Night Dream”

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A sassy lady and her brooding laird: The Secret by Julie Garwood

Judith (Elizabeth) Hampton had made a promise to her dear Scottish friend, at the time of her child’s birth she would be at Francis Catherine’s side. Nothing would keep her from offering her support, not brooding lairds, and uncooperative councils, nor cruel uncles, especially not the biased hatred that existed between the English and Scottish. Her friend was her prominent reason, but another secret, private matter also motivated Judith, to go to the Highlands and learn about, and meet her father the Laird Maclean. However, she was unprepared for the sight of Laird Iain, the man who would escort her to Francis Catherine. He was powerful and compelling, and she couldn’t help but be intrigued. As Judith and Iain grow closer in trust and affection, surely nothing could separate them? Not even the truth about her father, a devastating, powerful secret. The Secret by Julie Garwood was a sizzling romance that drew me in head first, garnering laughter and a great deal of smiles.

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A deliciously vicious tale: A review of Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Superpowers don’t make you a superhero

Victor Vale is your average college student, brilliant, arrogant, lonely, and just the tiniest bit sociopathic. When Eli moves in to be his new roommate, he recognizes something dark hidden behind that perfect exterior. The twos ambition is a match for each other, and they become unlikely friends. Then their senior thesis: Victor studies adrenaline, and Eli near death experiences. When they work together they discover something extraordinary, under the right circumstance these two things combined can develop extraordinary abilities in someone. Not one to merely keep things academic, Victor pushes to take this to the experimental, things go as horribly wrong as can be expected.

It’s ten year later, and Victor has just escaped prison, mind consumed by revenge, determined to “catch up” with his old friend, with the help of Mitchell, a massive tattooed convict whose size hides his extreme intelligence, and a young girl, whose quiet unassuming ways hide a remarkable ability. Meanwhile, Eli is on a mission of his own, to eradicate every other super-powered person he can find. Leaving death and destruction in his wake, his hands red with the blood of the extraordinary, except for his sidekick, an enigmatic woman, with a will no one can match. Both men wield terrible power on their side, driven by long ago memories of pain, betrayal, and loss, revenge is the only answer either can see, but who will survive the night? Vicious by V.E. Schwab is a delightfully dark, and entertaining read, that deals with broken people with extraordinary powers.

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Jane Eyre and The Rockstar: A review of Jane by April Lindner

When her parents died Jane Moore is forced to drop out of college and look for employment to sustain herself. Through her lack of interest in popular culture and tabloids, she earns a job at Thornfield Park as the nanny. Her enigmatic boss is none other than famous rock star Nico Rathburn, who just happens to be on the brink of an enormous comeback. Unsure at first of her boss, due to the numerous scandals he had been a part of, she soon finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, but not all is as it seems as secrets lurk about the halls of Thornfield. Jane is April Lindner‘s amazing retelling of Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre, only this time with rockstars!

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A heart of gold: A review of Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale

Dashti, a mucker maid, is the only soul willing to stand by Lady Saren, as her father boards up tower walls around them, trapping them for a seven year sentence, until Saren agrees to marry the suitor chosen for her. Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale is delivered with her usual lyrical voice, weaving a powerfully character driven story. You love Dashti from the moment you meet her and those feelings never waver. You shiver with her in the cold nights trapped in the tower, you feel your stomach rumble with hunger as their food supply is tested. You find your heart fluttering when Khan Tegus laughs with Dashti, thinking her more than just a mere Mucker.

I really loved this story! However the writing style was not my usual cup of tea.

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