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The Weight of the Dead

The man looked as if he had one foot in the grave. With skin so paper thin you could see the veins spidering beneath it, a dark contrast of blue to pale white. His eyes were no better glassy orbs of nearly colorless existence, marred only by the dark pupil. His body was spindly and long, appearing stretched, as if he had suffered some great mediaeval torture. The expanse of his shoulders was practically touching his ears, and he was hunched, his back burdened with a massive weight.

Such an appearance was hardly conducive of setting people at ease, and he wandered a lonely path, his friends few and far between. Those who could look beyond his peculiarities were often as outcast as he. The people who held his trust could be counted on the four fingers of his left hand.

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“Despite Mrs. Weldon’s wishes, I cannot in good conscience grant you custody. There is no precedent for this. I am sorry.” The voice wavered with the knowledge of the ramifications of her decision.

“Computer, log repair to section 424-E as completed.” The computer chirped a confirmation. With a stained hand, Gar shoved his goggles onto his forehead, the strands of his hair tangled and bent beneath the straps at odd angles, the layers of magnification lenses reflecting the glow of the port-lights. Steam hissed through the air, as the steel door locked behind him.

“Decontamination process commencing.” Liquid chemicals heated into a thick steam, choking the air of the chamber. Ten seconds later, a machine began humming loudly, the thick clouds of chemicals, whispering down ventilation shafts. “Decontamination complete. Please, step from the chamber.”

“Thanks, Computer. See you tomorrow.”

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In the lines of her face, were the memories of a long life. Etched into each wrinkle and freckle, scar and mark were all the years she had lived. Her experiences and triumphs, failures and mistakes. Each more precious to her than the beauty of her youth had been.

The deep creases at the corner of her lips betrayed the joy she had lived through, the smiles and laughter she had shared.

The line cutting across her throat was from hours hunched over books, head tucked in. The books close to her chest, indenting into her stomach. The weight heavy but the words even more so.

The freckles dusting the paper thin skin of her nose, spoke of the days spent in the sunshine, it’s rays dancing across her flesh, a warm caress, washing her with a gentle feeling of peace. The sun blotted out as a young boy with too quick a smile, and too bright eyes stared down at her, beckoned her to follow him. She never stopped.

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Unnatural Abilities


“End this, end this now,” his voice was a dark supplication. “End all this pain and torment.” His body was broken, the work of her own hands. The necessary work, she whispered to herself, it felt like a hollow truth. Her weary eyes lifted, looking upon all the destruction he had wrought.

Buildings once tall and majestic, looked like broken toy structures, fragile, and cracked, great hunks of cement and mortar littering the streets.

Cars were overturned and upended, golden flames licking at whatever survived in their scorched metal frames. The acrid smell of smoke burning her nostrils.

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The Affection Unit: A Pinch of Delight

Her eyes roamed eagerly over the outside seating of the café, the world colored a dingy brown from the protection of her sunglasses. Her head rested heavily on her palm, the weight of her head digging her elbow into the gleaming wood surface of the table. Her straw made loud sucking sounds as her lips pursed, siphoning up the remaining liquid. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her excitement for the mission to come impossible to cure. It wasn’t as if this was her first mission and she was some novice, she’d been doing this for years…her eagerness for her job never seemed to dissipate.

She glanced at the simple watch attached to her wrist, the leather bands holding it there indenting her skin slightly, she really should loosen it, but then it rattled about so, hitting against her wrist bones. Half past eleven, now only if her assigned partner would arrive on time, this day would be perfect.

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The Streets of Hagian

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“I am so full,” she groaned stretching her arms over her head, a content smile on her spice stained lips.

“I don’t think I have ever been so satisfied by a meal.” Baird mumbled sleepily, rubbing his tummy. The three companions wandered their way through the streets, enjoying the incredible sights around them. Jordan could practically feel the stress and tension from the last mission rolling off of her.


“Yes, Captain.”

“Do you know where any theaters are? I’ve been wanting-“ A strong arm wrapped around Jordans waist, knocking her off balance. She hit a hard chest with a muffled oomph. The cold tip of a disrupter coming to rest against her temple.

“Well, shit.” Jordan muttered, glaring at a disturbingly familiar face.

Baird turned quickly hand twitching for his disrupter, but Ruk placed a restraining hand on his arm.

“Hello Jordan,” a smooth voice purred, practically dripping in charisma.

“That is Captain Jordan to you, Maxius.” He merely pursed his lips at her, hand sliding down to rest against her hip, grip tight but not abusive.

“Is that anyway to treat an old friend?” His breath tickled against her ear, and Jordan couldn’t keep a shiver from running through her body. She’d forgotten how tempting Maxius could be, and how easily he could turn a girls brain to mush. With his sharp cheek bones, captivating eyes, lips that begged to be kissed and thick soft hair, he was a terribly distracting specimen.

“Friend? Last I remember, I left you tied up on Cirsus Three, the authorities weren’t far behind.” Jordan said with a smirk, resting the urge to elbow him in the solar plexus.

“I’d forgotten all about that,” he murmured.

“I haven’t,” Baird chuckled. “Captain, left you trussed up like a turkey. It was immensely satisfying.”

“I too, remember it being oddly satisfying.” Ruk added, his dark eyes searching for an opening to save the Captain.

Maxius bared his teeth at the men, “I am glad I amused you.”

“What do you want, Maxius? Jordan muttered interrupting the three men, before one of them pissed Maxius off and got her shot.

“Jut thought I’d say hi.” This man was infuriating in so many ways.

“Cute, Maxius. What do you really want?”

He pouted down at her, “I am wounded, Jordan.”

“Captain,” Baird corrected with a growl.

Maxius glared at Baird unimpressed, “I am talking to Jordan, don’t interrupt. So Jordan, you really want to know?”


“I want you and me…alone…and a chance to talk” He whispered, his voice thick.

“How fun.” She muttered dryly. “But I think I’ll pass.”

He laughed softly, his warm breath caressing her skin. “Before you go and reject me you may want to hear my entire offer.”

She drummed her fingers against her things impatiently, “Well let’s hear it.”

“I’ve shockingly gotten myself in a bit of a rough spot, and when I watched you so conveniently walk by, well, the chance was just to good to be true. Lord fate was on my side, and so I jumped at the opportunity.”

“You were always one to take advantage of an opening to jump someone.”

“Baird, I am not sure I like what your insinuating.”

“To offer assistance to a man of your character, you who would sooner thrust a dagger in our spinal columns then help us, it lacks reason.”

“Ruk, you as always, remain the life of the party.”

“So what do you say, Jordan? Interested?”

She bit her lip trying to clear the fog from her brain, to think rationally. “What exactly do you expect us to do?”

His grin was all teeth and full of victory.

Jordan scowled, glaring at the bars locking her Baird into a tiny room. Nothing but a queen sized cot and a toilet occupied the space with them.

“How many times have we been kidnapped this year because someone has fallen in love with you?” Baird asked with a sour expression, slumping down onto the cot with a groan, nursing his bruised knuckles, the area around his eye swelling.

“It’s not my fault I am so damn sexy I am irresistible.” She said trying to lighten the mood, striking a pose, hip jutted out, lips curved into an inviting smile. Baird stared at her, not speaking, eyes boring into her, something un-nameable in their depths. Nervousness began licking at Jordan, and she had to pull her eyes away. Why am I blushing, it’s just Baird?

She cleared her throat loudly, looking about trying to find a conversation topic. Baird beat her to it.

“What are you going to do about Maxius’?”

Jordan sighed loudly, running her hands through her tangled hair, exhaustion weighing her down. “Can’t exactly totally blame him for this one.”

To be continued…

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A Faux Pas

Cyndi shoved her way through the school halls, her vans squeaking loudly on the tile floor, as she searched desperately for Tyler her head whipping back and forth so quickly it was a miracle she didn’t get whiplash.

“Hey, Cyndi!” Alexis called, waving at her wildly. “Only one more week till we are free of this hell hole for good!” Cyndi’s gaze flickered over to her briefly and she shouted a greeting, voicing her hearty consent, before her attention returned to the problem at hand. “He’s over there.” Alexis informed her pointing in the direction of the gym doors, Cyndi’s eyes zeroed in on a familiar blonde head. “Thanks Alexis. Love you!”

“Tyler!” she screeched, pushing people out of the way with well placed elbows. The head turned slightly at the sound of his name, but continued on disappearing into the gym. With a burst of energy, Cyndi pulled herself free of the horde of teenagers urgently trying to escape from school.

She slammed into the gym doors like a hurricane, stumbling through and tripping over her own feet in her haste.

“Tyler!” Finally the blonde head stopped and turned around, blue eyes meeting hers. She pumped her arms back and forth. “Good-bye! See you, tomorrow, love you.”

A grin cracked across his face, “See you tomorrow, Cyndi.” He turned to go, only to pause and glance back, “Hey are we still on for this Saturday, Diana can’t wait to meet you.”

“Of course. I am so excited to meet your girlfriend. I can’t believe you kept her hidden from us for so long.” He laughed loudly before giving her a small wave, and hurrying over to his team. Cyndi grinned feeling a sense of accomplishment glad she hadn’t missed saying good-bye to Tyler.

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