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A Faux Pas

Cyndi shoved her way through the school halls, her vans squeaking loudly on the tile floor, as she searched desperately for Tyler her head whipping back and forth so quickly it was a miracle she didn’t get whiplash.

“Hey, Cyndi!” Alexis called, waving at her wildly. “Only one more week till we are free of this hell hole for good!” Cyndi’s gaze flickered over to her briefly and she shouted a greeting, voicing her hearty consent, before her attention returned to the problem at hand. “He’s over there.” Alexis informed her pointing in the direction of the gym doors, Cyndi’s eyes zeroed in on a familiar blonde head. “Thanks Alexis. Love you!”

“Tyler!” she screeched, pushing people out of the way with well placed elbows. The head turned slightly at the sound of his name, but continued on disappearing into the gym. With a burst of energy, Cyndi pulled herself free of the horde of teenagers urgently trying to escape from school.

She slammed into the gym doors like a hurricane, stumbling through and tripping over her own feet in her haste.

“Tyler!” Finally the blonde head stopped and turned around, blue eyes meeting hers. She pumped her arms back and forth. “Good-bye! See you, tomorrow, love you.”

A grin cracked across his face, “See you tomorrow, Cyndi.” He turned to go, only to pause and glance back, “Hey are we still on for this Saturday, Diana can’t wait to meet you.”

“Of course. I am so excited to meet your girlfriend. I can’t believe you kept her hidden from us for so long.” He laughed loudly before giving her a small wave, and hurrying over to his team. Cyndi grinned feeling a sense of accomplishment glad she hadn’t missed saying good-bye to Tyler.

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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 3

After last night an idea had started to form in M.A.L.C.O.L.M.’s mind, a new and unique idea, his own idea, which made it all the more potent, and entirely impossible to resist.

“Ma’am, I have a request.”

“A request M.A.L.C.O.L.M.? You never have requests.” Addison stated tinkering away at her car, not even looking up. Her mind filtering through different ways to make it more efficient, even better without disrupting the beauty and originality of it’s maker’s design.

“It’s a bit odd ma’am”

That caused her to pause, visions of mechanics coming to a halt, but after a moment she continued working, not wishing to scare her A.I. off. Her curiosity was piqued and it wouldn’t allow for anything less than learning what had her A.I. so hesitant.

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The Day at the Aquarium

Little pudgy fingers splayed across glass, finger smudges blurring the surface. Eyes wide and awe-filled as one tentacle slowly unfurls, its color a deep, coral orange. Her little feet jumped up and down in excitement, as the octopus took it’s own time sliding free of it’s home. Lily squealed when it’s great eye came to rest upon her. She breathed shallowly, waiting to see what it would do next. With a casual swish of it’s tentacles it sprawled itself out across the glass, it’s suckers seem to reach for her. She so desperately wanted to reach back.

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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 2

Olivia was an odd contradiction of practical and quirky.

Her apartment was in walking distance on a good day, and biking distance on a bad day, to Donovan Towers. Instead of renting the sleek, modern, efficient apartment, she had gotten the warm, vintage one, with the heater that glitched out every winter.

Her outfits always suited the occasion, comfy causal for home, professional for work, etc., but her shoes, her shoes were anything but practical. Ranging from on the border of being prostitute heels to worn in sneakers. Olivia had a weakness for shoes, and though she would never admit it, thought she had quite nice feet, small and narrow, with dainty toes. She liked showing them off in her unconventional shoes.

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Those you never think of…

That boy at school who is energetic and strong, whose brought the school to victory through sports many times, the boy who fiercely protects the fragile book-loving girl, the two seem at odds, but have the closest of friendships. He is a werewolf and he considers her his mate. She considers him nothing more than a dear friend. He holds out hope.

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M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 1

Three Years Later

Olivia Moore rapped sharply on the lab door three times. When there was no immediate answer, she entered anyway, eyes averted just in case. She never wanted a repeat of the debacle simply known as ‘the moment that which must not be named.’ Ms. Lockwood was an eccentric woman, and Olivia responded accordingly, it had only taken her two and a half years to adjust to Donovan Industries and her peculiar co-worker.

“Ms. Lockwood, Mr. Mayhew asked  me to get you to sign these as a favor?”

“You know you can call me Addison,” she said not looking up from her phone.

“I know, Ms. Lockwood. You’ve told me every day…for three years.”

“Then I am not sure why you continue to insist on calling me Ms. Lockwood.”

“It’s a quirk, ma’am,”

Addison sighed, but gave no other response, eyes reflecting the bright light of her phone. Body sprawled across the hood of a 1978 Bronco, legs dangling down, swinging back and forth, toes nowhere near the ground. Today her hair was an icy violet, and her torso was clad in a faded Led Zeppelin shirt. Her lips were stained a similar violet shade, and various earrings bristled from her left ear, a think chain connecting her lowest earring to her highest. Her right ear sported a simple diamond stud.

Shoving the stack of documents in Addison’s face, she raised an eyebrow. She grumbled and gave Olivia a disapproving look, but shoved her phone into her pocket.

“What is it?” she asked glancing over it, leaning back in her chair, tugging on her lip ring as she skimmed.

“Recent reports on the Sunbeams functionality and efficiency,” she replied, giving a small wave to a security camera behind her.

“So, he’s not having me sign my kidney over?” she asked humorously, flipping through a few pages, reading them over in a glance.

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Hagian Spices

Green lanterns glowed where they hung from the ceiling, illuminating the room in a faded light. Patrons laughed loudly, in the small restaurant, enjoying good food and the company of others. Seated comfortably around one round table was a woman, her legs were sprawled out before her clad in a pair of comfortable black breeches. Her feet were crossed at the ankles, the thick boots protecting them reflected the dim light. Tears streamed down her face, her baby blue eyes screwed closed in pain, as she chewed a large bite of food.

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