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A comic a day (7): Batman Hush

Batman is under attack by an unknown assailant. He is powerful, and manipulative, and he his using the Joker, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and other villains, to help take out Batman. He has even turned some of Batman’s allies against him. Can Batman discover this villains identity in time, or will he be overwhelmed by the odds he faces?


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A comic a day (6): The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Okay two words: HULK SMASH. Constantly. Hulk literally starts out ripping himself free of a spaceship after are ever lovely heroes kicking him off the planet, planning to send him to a “deserted” planet where he can live in “Peace.” Yeah well Hulk doesn’t really get that, but thats okay, because instead he tears his way through an alien planet at war, fighting monster as a gladiator!


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A comic a day (5): The Vision: Little Worse Than a Man

The Vision; the creation of the genocidal robot, Ultron, a hero of the world, and machine with incredible power, and he wants to be human. And what could possibly more human than having a family? The white picket fence the 2 children the loving wife. So he returns to where his creator made him, to the place where he refused to merely follow his programming, where he believed he could be more, could be man, and sets to work building his own family. They look like him, the share his code, his powers, his ambition (or obsession): the need, the overwhelming desire to be more then circuits and code, to be what every human is gifted with, underwhelmingly ordinary. They’re the nice new family down the street, with the ability to wipe out the whole block, of course they are going to receive a wide welcome…or maybe not? The Vision’s will not escape unscathed.


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A comic a day(4): Ms. Marvel

Kamala always seems to be the odd one out, being a Muslim in Jersey City isn’t easy, with a strict family and rules about food, all she wants is to fit in. Her escape, the wonderful world of Avengers fan fiction, if only she could be like Captain Marvel, tall and blonde and beautiful, striking in her classic lightning bolt costume, especially with the thigh high boots. When a Terrigen Mist descends on Jersey, Kamala’s wish gets answered, more than she could have ever expected. Being a hero though is hard, and she is going to have to struggle to keep her secret, learn her new powers, befriend some grumpy heros, and maybe during all that save the world.


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A comic a day(3): The Killing Joke

The Joker is at it again, and this time with one of his most cruel plans yet, he wants to prove to the world anyone can go mad if pushed far enough. After all madness is just one bad day away.  Who better to prove this on than Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbra. Kidnapped and forced to suffer horrifically, can Commissioner Gordon retain his sanity or will he fall into the dark world of the Joker.


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A comic a day(2): Superman: Red Son

A Kryptonian rocket ship blazes into earths atmosphere, hurtling ever downward, blazes past Kansas and crash lands on a farm collective deep in the Soviet Union. The Superhero we all know and love has taken on a twist of character and morals. And now wears the symbol of Russia emblazoned upon his chest. This might be one of the greatest Superman stories ever told and whether your a fan of the Man of Steel or not, this is a tale that needs to be read. Mark Millar has imagined a frighteningly believable world, that is utterly terrifying and enthralling.IMG_9127

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A comic a day (1): Original Sin by Jason Aaron

The Watcher has sat a silent vigil over the world for centuries, never speaking, always watching. A lonely guardian of the memories and events of the world. Only no longer…Uatu, the watcher is dead. Murdered while keeping his post. Nick Fury leads the hero’s of marvel in a dangerous investigation, questions that shouldn’t be answered surfacing and answers that should never be given coming to light. The secrets of the universe are leaking out and our heroes are shocked to their cores. What did the Watcher see? Who killed the Watcher? What was the Original Sin?


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A comic a day keeps the doctor away

So I thought I’d give something new a try! How exciting! Every now and then, depending on how the first week goes, I will have a week where everyday I will post a little blurb recommending a book to be read. It will not be as in depth as my reviews. I will simply recommend a book falling under some category that I believe should be read for some reason or another which I will share with you. Hopefully you enjoy this!

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