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M.A.L.C.O.L.M Chapter 7

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Next day

Olivia was exhausted, Addison, the scatter brain, had “forgotten” about all of their five meetings (more like avoided in favor of some unknown project.) and Olivia had to scurry about finding the prototypes that need to be tested. Olivia was pretty sure Ezra would have helped get Addison if he hadn’t gotten an inordinate amount of pleasure watching someone else struggle to control Addison.

Not only did she have to, scurry about all day searching about for prototypes while also making time for her own duties, she then had to deal with the annoyed co-workers, wondering why she was late, hence her exhaustion.

Also, about an hour ago the electricity had gone out because of Addison’s experiment which had yet to turn on, which frustrated Olivia since she was sitting in the dark with a candle no bigger then her hand trying to organize her files on todays tests.

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(Fictional) Murder With Purpose

You stare ahead blankly in utter and complete disbelief, your friend is dead. Murdered right before your very eyes. How will you ever recover from this? I mean sure they’re fictional, but they were your best friend.

All the deaths in a George R.R. Martin book
There are many considerations that must go into killing a character, and deciding whether or not a character will receive the death penalty is never easy. I am by no means an expert, I am however a reader and as a reader I have been gifted a bit of insight into the world of character murder. I know when it works…and when it doesn’t. There are many reasons you might care about this topic at all, the two main ones are: secretly you’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, and now you will have been initiated into the depths of murdering characters, or two you just read a great book and your favorite character just died, now you will understand the level of thought and emotion that went into the authors decision, unless it was George R.R. Martin, he just killed the sucker cause he could.

To keep things simple you should consider two main things: motivation and emotional impact.

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