In this day and age the world is moving at incredible speeds. There is always somewhere we need to be, something that needs to be done. We hardly have enough time in the day to accomplish what must be done, let alone to read. So I am here to offer support, I will present my insights and thoughts about books, share the general rating and age group it is appropriate for, and if it’s even worth your time and effort to read. I hope what I say will amuse you and even more importantly help you to find that special book to squeeze into your busy schedule.

At my heart I am also a writer, it is my passion, and what sustains me. Every moment, every second is just one smaller part of a larger story, and I am constantly crafting and imagining. I write because I have to, it’s how I comprehend and straighten out my thoughts. I share tidbits of my writing in the hopes of inspiring others or giving them some small amount of joy.

Keep your eyes cracked open for my original fiction, I will share short, flash fiction, as well as one larger overarching story called M.A.L.C.O.L.M.

Review Posts as well as M.A.L.C.O.L.M.,  flash fiction and literary analysis will be posted Mondays.

I also did a week long posting of my Reading List, (Click link for more details) which I will give forewarning of.